An assorted and the finest collection of fashion jewellery where quaint yesterday meets the edgy tomorrow, for women who are ahead of their times. A Collection; that is ensembled by a discerning fashion designer and her coterie of finest local artisans.

Swabhimann - Pride of Women is a venture helmed by Preeti Aggarwal, meritorious student, distinction holder from IIFT, New Delhi and hands-on mother. Whilst nurturing her family and doting on her son; one passion that never took a back seat was her love for jewellery. At the age when women generally feel life is complete as their kids are ready to pursue their dreams and husband is doing well in his life, Preeti took this time as an opportunity to follow her heart and she forayed into the world of Haute fashion jewellery.

Preeti always believed that every piece of jewellery in a woman's trove depicts her personality, origin and tells a story. This belief formed the nucleus of ‘Swabhimann’ as she wanted to make jewellery accessible to every woman from all domains. She with her jewellery designs, also wanted to fan the dying embers of Indian Heritage thus you will always see a hint of yesterday even in her contemporary designs. The collection is so diverse that from your wedding day to your promotion party “Swabhimann“ has it all.

This endeavour didn't only open boundless opportunities for her but also for many local artisans.

Swabhimann is born and crafted from the heart, we always try to make it to be the most exquisite jewel in your vanity. Our eye for detail surely gives us an edge over the other, every design is carefully handcrafted by artisans, the intricacy and detailing in each piece is the proof of the same. Each collection is aimed to be classy and extraordinary that suits up today's women for every occasion be it a high-end meeting or family gala wedding.
We believe jewellery, after all, is a pride possession and birth right of every woman, thus, with this endeavour we want to make it impulsive and a lifestyle for them.


We are delighted to serve you.

At Swabhimann, each box is packed with love and care 💖

Preeti Aggarwal
Founder & CEO
Catalog Manager
Warehouse Manager
Inbound Manager
Packing Coordinator
Quality Supervisor
Shipping Coordinator
Jewellery Designer
Manju Prajapati
Head Artisan